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GMI's PainMed™      "No Risk Pain Relief" 
Fast, Long Lasting, Odorless, Stainless Pain Relief 
GMI PainMed™ is a patented, homeopathic topical pain & inflammation relief gel.  It's fast acting, long lasting, odorless for temporary relief of arthritis pain, joint pain, etc.  Seen in Bottom Line Books.  Dr. Recommended.    
      100% Money Back Guarantee, shipping & handling included (for first 3 tubes for 60 days)*

                                     GMI:  Family Owned and Celebrating 30 Years in Business. 
Old-fashioned service: Talk to the knowledgeable owner directly.
                     GMI's PainMed™ is So Unique it is U.S. and Internationally Patented

What is GMI's PainMed™?

GMI PainMed™ is a fast-acting, long lasting, topical OTC homeopathic pain and minor inflammation relief gel.  Its active ingredients are derived from 9 different botanicals like Arnica Montana, Calendula, and Hypericum, in 11 different potencies.  This unique crystal clear gel is odorless, stingless, stainless, and Socially Invisible™:  with no socially embarrassing odor or stains.  No dangerous drugs to take internally.  Satisfaction guaranteed*: truly no risk pain relief.

How Can I rate GMI PainMed's Effectiveness?

Start out by rating your pain from 1 to 10, with 1 being "I can barely feel it", and 10 being "It is unbearable".  A number 5 would be "It's strongly unpleasant but I can stand it without drugs".  To discover your true pain number, for instance, for sore fingers:  Move fingers or apply pressure that you know would cause pain and now observe your pain number.  Now spread on a drop of Pain Med™ and test fingers again in a few seconds,...then again in a few minutes.  Many users often report a significant drop in their pain number in a few minutes.  If desired results aren't obtained upon the first application, PainMed™ can be applied every 15 minutes for an hour, and pain numbers may continue to drop.

What Results Can I Expect from GMI PainMed™?

Some users report pain drops from a higher to a lower number.  Some require multiple applications to get their pain number down.  Less than 1% report no effect on pain.  With our refund policy* they won't lose a penny.  Thus, while PainMed™ may not totally eliminate pain entirely for some individuals, many report it gets them through their day.  And since everyone is biochemically individual results will vary from person-to-person.  We want satisfied customers, and if you get great results from PainMed we want to hear---and if it didn't work for you we also want to hear.  You can write or call the owner Gene Williams toll free at 1-800-228-9850.

Does the Effect of PainMed™ Wear Out?

After over 7 years of reports from daily users of PainMed™ we have not had any reports saying "it no longer works for me." 

GMI PainMed: Topical Homeopathic Pain Relief Gel
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